Dear Mr. Sifton

Dear Mr. Sifton, Your story about clam chowder pizza “American Pie”  that appeared in this week’s New York Times Magazine has the calming cadence of an anxious heart beginning to catch its breath. It is tender, vulnerable and honest; an offering to those who are perhaps confused and hurt by our country’s current state of… Continue reading Dear Mr. Sifton

Apricot Pie and Ruth Reichl

Dear Friends, Last June I interviewed writer, chef, cookbook author, past restaurant critic for The New York Times, and past editor-in-chief of the sorely missed Gourmet magazine, Ruth Reichl ( I believe I promised to only take 40 minutes of her time. At the end of those agreed upon minutes, she offered to continue our… Continue reading Apricot Pie and Ruth Reichl

Roasted Carrot Soup

The Hubbas thinks I’m crazy. I just showed him what I go through when I come across a recipe that interests me. I research many of the ingredients, sometimes spending an entire afternoon going off on tangents. I never thought to include the flurry of articles that educate me in my posts until today. Maybe… Continue reading Roasted Carrot Soup