Orange-Scented Molasses Cookies

There is an ice storm passing through and every shape outside from earth to sky–only grey–a heavy, wet, chilling shade of grey. Every once in awhile, a neighbor burdened with the task of catching the downtown bus, walks cautiously past my kitchen window, skidding, catching himself at the last minute. I’m so lucky that I… Continue reading Orange-Scented Molasses Cookies

Top 10 Reasons Why I Need Winter

10. To wrap myself up in a long, quilted coat, a scarf, hat, mittens, wool socks and boots right at dawn and go sit on a folded blanket on my front porch bench, sip a mug of steaming coffee while listening to the gentle chorus of winter birds. 9. To breathe in the ice crystals… Continue reading Top 10 Reasons Why I Need Winter