Orange-Scented Molasses Cookies

There is an ice storm passing through and every shape outside from earth to sky–only grey–a heavy, wet, chilling shade of grey. Every once in awhile, a neighbor burdened with the task of catching the downtown bus, walks cautiously past my kitchen window, skidding, catching himself at the last minute. I’m so lucky that I… Continue reading Orange-Scented Molasses Cookies

Damn! That’s good pumpkin bread

It doesn’t take long for me to jump aboard the pumpkin band wagon.  Once the month of October hits, all I see is orange: orange leaves, orange sunsets, orange food. This damn good pumpkin bread is decadent and moist and was the offering in last week’s Give It Away— half of what I bake each week… Continue reading Damn! That’s good pumpkin bread

Every Girl’s Gotta Have a Theme Song & A Great Recipe for Pie Crust

  I’ve been baking pies since the nineties, as well as sweating over making my own pie crust.  But I am here today to tell you how silly it is to fear something that is so simple to make.  I’m writing this post not just for you, but for me as well.  Because even though… Continue reading Every Girl’s Gotta Have a Theme Song & A Great Recipe for Pie Crust

Banana Bread — A Spoon and Some Bourbon

Oh Friends, I am writing to you in a state of pure olfactory pleasure — as my kitchen still carries the scent of perfectly baked banana bread from one heck of a winner of a recipe.  Thank you!  Thank you!, Deb Perelman of the absolutely delightful website titled: Smitten Kitchen and author of The Smitten… Continue reading Banana Bread — A Spoon and Some Bourbon

From the Baker’s Rack: Winter Reading

The snow is coming down.  The kids are in school and perhaps together we are staring out our respective windows at the same wintry scene.  There is so much on my mind.  There is always so much on my mind — but lately thoughts are coming down like fat snowflakes, swirling then piling high around me.  The only thoughts… Continue reading From the Baker’s Rack: Winter Reading