Orange-Scented Molasses Cookies

There is an ice storm passing through and every shape outside from earth to sky–only grey–a heavy, wet, chilling shade of grey. Every once in awhile, a neighbor burdened with the task of catching the downtown bus, walks cautiously past my kitchen window, skidding, catching himself at the last minute. I’m so lucky that I… Continue reading Orange-Scented Molasses Cookies

Just a Bowl and a Whisk Chocolate Buttermilk Cake

I promised you chocolate cake back in February and at the time, it was a bribe to get you to read the second and final post of Sensual, Earthy Roasted Beets.  It’s been awhile, I know, but I’ve been doing some prioritizing in my life and I’ve come to realize that baking desserts, talking about… Continue reading Just a Bowl and a Whisk Chocolate Buttermilk Cake

Not Perfect

My favorite day of the year is tomorrow and I am coming down with a cold.  I’m at the kitchen table trying to clear the fog from my aching head while next to me steam is rising from a hot cup of tea with honey and lemon.  Another dose of Sudafed waits for me until after… Continue reading Not Perfect

The Laundry Can Wait

I am frozen.  I thought I was getting so much time now that my three children are all in school all day.  But I am drowning in goals I’ve set for myself.  Writing goals, cooking and baking goals, volunteering goals.  My kitchen is a mess.  There are dirty dishes in the sink.  Deadlines are swimming like… Continue reading The Laundry Can Wait