You’re here. Which means chances are you’re hungry, looking for a writer, or you’re my mom.

I began writing about food in Madison, WI because the husband and I get one night out a month together: the Big Date Night. That means we hire a babysitter, take in plenty of caffeine during the day and hope that the restaurant we choose and the dish and the drink will all be worth the effort it took to get us out of the house.

We get one night a month to get it right and it sucks when we don’t. Which doesn’t often happen in Madison. We’ve been to a lot of local restaurants–both new and long-time Wisconsin favorites–and like you, I know I’ve found a good dish when I can’t stop thinking about it for days, weeks after I’ve had it.

I’m that friend, who will tell you about it here and offer suggestions on where you should dine next.

If you’re an entrepreneur and your business is food and drink and you’ve found yourself thinking:

  • I’m the head of this company–I should not be writing these blog posts.
  • I have so much other stuff I should be working on right now.
  • But who else can I trust with my vision, my voice?

Then call me. Let’s talk about getting some great, consistent and value-added content on your website, in your newsletter, on your Instagram account.

And if you’d like to discuss this over lunch, I know a great place.

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