Top 10 Reasons Why I Need Winter


10. To wrap myself up in a long, quilted coat, a scarf, hat, mittens, wool socks and boots right at dawn and go sit on a folded blanket on my front porch bench, sip a mug of steaming coffee while listening to the gentle chorus of winter birds.

9. To breathe in the ice crystals and feel them melt inside of me on a brisk walk in the woods.  Like sipping hot chocolate through a cold cloud of freshly whipped cream.

8. To ice skate on an outdoor rink not far beneath a sleepy sun swathed in frost peering out from behind a grey-white sky.

7.  To hear the sound of snowflakes as whispers from others, from somewhere in another fold of the universe, brush against your bright pink cheek.

6.  To know the crunch of snow beneath your sturdy boots as you walk the same path you’ve walked in autumn, summer, spring; only now it holds your footprints.

5.  Because pies smell so much sweeter baking in a kitchen with steamed-up windows.

4.  To be cradled by your favorite chair, the blanket around your shoulders softer now, the open book on your flannel lap, a quiet companion.

3.  Twilight.  Alternating deep shades of blue and purple, blending to crystal black.  Skeletons of trees in the distance.  Their branches point to stars that glitter like chips of ice.

2.  To “borrow” our children’s sleds, moms race for that one quick run together.  Our children yell with surprised excitement, “Hey!”  while chasing clumsily after us.  They take back their colorful snow-sailing ships.

1.  The Silence.




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