Today is Cloudy

Twelve years ago today, on a beautiful, sunny, warm, blue-not-a-cloud-in-the-sky day, I walked my husband to our front door and kissed him good-bye.  I told him to have a good day.  Then I listened for the train a few blocks away as I sipped my coffee and counted the minutes of solitude before our infant son would wake from his early morning nap.

Today can be both a tough day and a day for gratitude.  Gratitude that on that horrific and unimaginable day I got my husband back.  When by nightfall, so many cars were left unclaimed at the train station, my family went to sleep that night in tact.  That day I received so much love and concern from neighbors and family who kept vigil at my home waiting for the phone to ring.

Today I am grateful that I wake to thunder and rain.  That I have another chance to kiss my husband good-bye at our front door, tell him to have a good day.

Tell him I love him.


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