Waiting for Tofu

There is a message on my phone from my doctor asking me to call her back at lunch today to discuss the results of my recent cholesterol lab work.  Mastering the Art of French Cooking lay open on my kitchen table turned to the page on pastry crusts.  Yesterday, since heavy rains gave me the permission I needed to abandon all outdoor plans, I decided to perfect my pie crust for Thanksgiving.

Today, the sun is shining again and Sunday’s big pasta leftovers are waiting for me in the fridge, along with a pretty good half-eaten pumpkin pie.  Every time I open the door I get a whiff of heaven.

Since I listened to my messages this morning, two pots now sit on my stove, one simmering wheatberries, the other, a wild brown rice mix.  Fresh broccoli is cut up and soaking in a bowl of water.  There’s a block of tofu waiting for me to do something to it to make it taste good – make it taste as good as yesterday’s fettuccine in Bolognese sauce.

And now I sit here feeling like I have to choose.  I just know there is room for both: Julia Child’s buttery flaky way of enjoying life and good, wholesome food – fresh from the earth and unprocessed.

Besides, who knows?  Maybe the doctor just wanted to call to congratulate me. “Wow, I have never seen such good cholesterol numbers in my entire career!  Keep up the good work!”

In the meantime, just to be safe, I’ll eat my brown rice and broccoli for lunch and freeze the pasta leftovers for the cholesterol-lowering celebration.


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