Til Death Do We Part

Fifteen minutes left until I have to pick up the kids from school…..

I used to pray to God that I would not die until my children were grown and on their own.  Now I pray for that, yes, but also that I don’t die before I finish writing this book!  In the spirit of longevity, I have scheduled my overdue annual physical and mammography.

Tang has accused me of secretly trying to kill him.  He surprised me yesterday when he came home for lunch.  I was in the middle of cooking carrots, celery, onions and garlic which I normally saute in olive oil before putting the fresh veggie mix into a turkey meatloaf.   This time I had a little bacon fat leftover so, I don’t know why, I thought I’d use that.  Actually, I do know why I did it, I was going for smoky, bacon-y flavor.

Well, he put the kabash on that, claiming we are both working our a’s off to stay healthy and in shape, so why in the hell would I go and put bacon fat into his turkey meatloaf!

“And”, he’s pretty upset now, “you’re not even giving me the actual bacon meat (what little there is), just the fat!”

So in an effort to restore his faith in me, I have taken a solemn oath, to never, ever use bacon fat when I cook unless I check in with him ahead of time.  That and at least for a little while, until he cools down a bit, I should probably lay off asking him questions about his life insurance policy.


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