Try Again Tomorrow

Today’s the first day in awhile that I feel like making something wonderful to eat – light and healthy.  Today’s the day I get myself back to the Pilates studio for the first time in almost three weeks.  Today begins with my June issue of Taste of Italia.  On the last page Mary Ann Esposito offers her recipe for Arugula, Spinach and Strawberry Salad.  Knowing I have a whole flank steak grilled and leftover in the fridge, I think this salad will be the prettiest thing to accompany thin slices of cool steak on my dinner plate.  Yes, this will be tonight’s healthy and tasty meal to celebrate my return to yoga pants.

I took the kids to the Farmers’ Market where we bought the spinach – small, tender leaves so young and fresh – they taste like sun and earth.  Then off to the store for a bunch of peppery arugula and dark red strawberries.  Finally, we head over to my neighbor’s for four pounds of honey that she just extracted from her tens of thousands of bees.  I only need two tablespoons for the honey and balsamic vinegar dressing, the rest will hopefully last me until Thanksgiving.

I washed the spinach and arugula and placed it all in baggies in the fridge to wait for me until this evening.  My man – amor de mi vida – is working late and so I decide to let the kids pick what they would like to eat for dinner.  Next thing I know, I’m slinging Bagel Bites from the oven and cutting Nutella sandwiches into fours and then allowing two – not three- brownie bites for dessert.  Every time I opened the refrigerator door to reach for the gallon of milk (More milk, Mom!) I looked longingly at the fresh greens and strawberries waiting patiently for me.

Guess what I ate for dinner?  Yep.  Bagel Bites and brownie bites.


2 thoughts on “Try Again Tomorrow

  1. Oh I have had many nights like this…..all good intentions go by the wayside when bad-for-you bite size food makes it’s way into the kitchen. It’s so much easier to pop that brownie into your mouth than those beautiful deep red strawberries you so desired! Why is that? Hmmm….food for thought? 😉


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