Do You Trust Me?

Anastasia has the contract – the terms of agreement Christian Grey has offered her to enter into a Dominant/Submissive relationship with him.  The writing has changed in Chapter 11.  I believe I have just read a real legal contract – James copied and pasted it right into her novel.  I mean she must have, right?

The intimate scenes so far between Anastasia and Grey are written with complete erotic detail.  I can see, taste, smell it, hear it, feel it all every time Grey takes her.  But just as Anastasia is holding back with Grey – she still hasn’t signed the contract that will bind her (pun very intended), I will not let the author have me.  Not yet.

I am pleased that James has put backbone into her main character.  Ana is not heading into this dark relationship lightly.  And she is making demands – changes to the contract while she still can and asking why? will she not be permitted to look him in his eyes and why? will she not be allowed to touch him.

Despite the writing, which unfortunately can be very distracting to the point where I am yanked off a page – and every few pages at that –  I feel James’ committment to her characters – to her work.  It is clear to me she is expert on this subject.  Just before Grey “fucks” Anastasia he asks “Do you trust me?”  I believe James is asking of her readers the very same question.


2 thoughts on “Do You Trust Me?

    1. I haven’t finished Fifty Shades yet. I only read this one at night when everyone is asleep and lately I haven’t been able to keep my eyes open past 8:30pm! Looking forward to reading more.


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