Discipline, Punishment & Pleasure?

Chapter 9.  Fifty Shades of Grey.  Late last night after the kids were fast asleep, I took a cool shower.  This was my attempt to wake up and get through more than five pages of Grey before passing out for the night.

All day long it feels like the sun is lying on top of me.  The Master bedroom in this house never cools down as completely as the other rooms do in the summer.    The sheets on our bed feel like I just took them out of the oven.  The only relief is the breeze from the fan swiping at me intermittently.  No surprise then that after cooling down from my shower and climbing into bed with Grey I was warm all over again.

Having read more than a hundred pages, I still stand firm – the writing is high-school level, maybe Freshman Composition at best.  But – this author can describe a scene with acute detail.  I have now “seen” Grey’s playroom.  And like Anastasia, I have chosen to stay and play.  And, like Anastasia, I’m really not sure how I could even consider this.

This is what I hoped to get from the author.  E.L. James is standing before her readers naked – confident that it is our human nature to keep staring even though we tell ourselves that maybe we shouldn’t.  She is taking us by the hand to the dark places within our psyche where the words, “discipline, punishment and pleasure” are somehow hanging out together.


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