For the Love of Truth and Balance

The last day of school was this past Tuesday.  All three kids are home now excited to begin their summer vacation.  It’s been three days and already we’ve been biking, swimming, reading and eating a lot to make up for those calories quickly burning off their small bodies.   I’ve refereed some fights, one involving Nerf baseball bats and administered First Aid for some minor cuts and bumps.  Have I mentioned it’s only been three days?

I’ve been putting off posting anything for fear that it won’t be perfect – at this moment I have half a mind on what I’m writing while out of the corner of my eye I’m watching to make sure my son and daughter don’t draw on each other with markers.   It’s early morning and we are sitting at our table on the back deck and I know I only have another twenty minutes or so before it will be time to pull them off each other and feed them breakfast.

Schedules change.  Routines shift.  Life moves us continually in different directions.  My life right now is about letting the kids stay up way too late to catch fireflies while keeping them well-rested enough to avoid the dramatic meltdowns.  My hope is to get them in the kitchen with me and cook up some granola, homemade pizza, and watch them put together a simple salad of their own desire.  I hope also to drop my expectations that my sentences need to be perfect and well-crafted and that I will just get the words out there because sometimes half-assed is better than no ass at all.

Here’s to Life perfectly as it is!


2 thoughts on “For the Love of Truth and Balance

  1. Sounds just fine to me………and you know how balanced this libra is! : ) Have a wonderful summer- you’re off to a great start.


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