Last month I announced on Facebook that I was hoping to gather interested friends to have lunch with me at a newly located restaurant in Madison.  I made a reservation for five and in no time I had received confirmation from four individuals allowing me to easily fulfill the reservation. Ruth Reichl, the award-winning author,… Continue reading #MadLunchSquad

18 October 2016

Every day I begin again, in the darkness of morning, I peel back the covers, plant my sleepy feet on the floor and slowly stand up. I stretch my toes along the carpet feeling for my slippers and make my way to the back of my bedroom door, take down the soft gray robe from… Continue reading 18 October 2016

14 October 2016–The women in my kitchen

Much like the kitchen I grew up in, my Wisconsin kitchen is small. My mise en place (calling it this makes me feel better about the lack of counter space) is to the right of an electric stove–my first one, not including the coil-topped monsters we burned chocolate chip cookies in throughout Junior High School… Continue reading 14 October 2016–The women in my kitchen

30 September 2016

Walls swathed in a generic, blanket-soft grey, ache from another coat of house paint. Nail holes recently filled, bring forth a dotted landscape of tiny broken hills in the living room and bedrooms–a slapdashed effort by the owner to erase the stories of others from the memory of this left-side duplex. A chemically-clean carpet smell permeates… Continue reading 30 September 2016

28 September 2016

Monday morning and we are waking up on air mattresses in our new Midwest apartment. We’ve beaten the moving truck to our destination by days. Without a dresser to pull a fresh pair of underwear out of, or a kitchen table, or a couch for the kids to lean against while eating their cereal in… Continue reading 28 September 2016

27 September 2016

I am standing in my grandmother’s kitchen when I tell her the news. The husband has accepted a job offer in Wisconsin and will be leaving next month, just before Thanksgiving. I will stay behind for the next six months, so that the boys can finish the school year and so that I can sell… Continue reading 27 September 2016